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About Kaltura

Kaltura is a media creation and management tool which allows instructors to capture or upload videos without specialized equipment and then share this media content in Canvas courses. Kaltura can be used to record audio or capture video and images directly from a computer screen or webcam and upload these files to a cloud-based media folder in Canvas. This cloud-based media content then can be edited, curated, and shared across single or multiple courses.

Empowered by Kaltura, instructors can:

  • Create interactive lecture videos, assignments, and discussions
  • Customize video playlists for individual courses
  • Energize course announcements and introduce themselves
  • Understand the classroom on a more granular level using analytics
  • Increase active learning practices in the online classroom

Lectures, discussions, and assignments can all be augmented by the use of this cloud-based video management system, fostering greater engagement between instructors, students, and their learning materials. Kaltura also offers a powerful array of analytics and statistics measurements for all curated media content, including the number of views, the average viewing length, and much more. Auto-captioning and screen reader support are available for all uploaded videos, helping to provide accessibility for our diverse community of student learners.

To learn more and get started with Kaltura, explore the resource links:

Getting Started with Kaltura

Using Kaltura in Canvas

Resources and Guides

What are the Differences Between Kaltura and Echo360?

Features Kaltura Echo360
Computer screen recording Yes Yes
Webcam recording Yes Yes
Edit video after recording Trim and Cut Trim and Cut
Share video with students or others Yes Yes
Auto-captioning Yes Yes
Edit captions Yes Yes
Instructor, student, and staff authoring Yes No
Video quizzes Yes No
Customizable video playlists Yes No
Attach related files Yes No
Searchable transcripts Yes No
Personalized viewing options Yes No


If you are an instructor with Kaltura questions or issues, please contact CSU Online support staff during regular hours of operation at


3rd Party Cookies

Some users will see the following error message when accessing Kaltura pages in Canvas: “It seems your browser is blocking 3rd party session cookies which are required for the Kaltura application. To resolve this issue, please update your settings to allow 3rd party cookies.” Please see Kaltura’s site for details on resolving this issue.

MacOS Catalina Users

MacOS Catalina has increased privacy and security settings which will require enabling additional permissions for Kaltura to function. To update your computer settings, please follow the steps below:

  1. MacOS Catalina requires additional permissions to run Kaltura Capture successfully. To run the software, change the following settings.
  2. System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > (unlock the padlock) > Choose "App Store and identified developers" > (lock the padlock)
  3. System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > (unlock the padlock) > Choose "Camera" > Check Kaltura Capture (repeat this process for "Microphone" and "Screen Recording") > (lock the padlock)

Kaltura Updates

If the Kaltura Capture application is left idle for more than five minutes, it will attempt to auto-update itself. A message will display informing the user the update is taking place, to not start a new capture until the update is complete, and a final notification letting the user know the update is finished. Be sure not to start a new capture until this process is completed.

Unable to view Add Media or Menu in My Media

Often, a cropped or zoomed in view in the browser can obscure certain menu options in Kaltura Capture, so be sure to zoom out on the browser settings.