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What is Honorlock?

Honorlock’s online test proctoring services combine the benefits of AI software with those of live test proctors. People drive decisions using data from artificial intelligence – AI doesn’t drive them. Honorlock’s exam proctoring software monitors each student’s exam session and alerts a live, US-based test proctor if it detects any potential problems. This provides the proctors with the opportunity to enter the exam session and help the student get back on track.

For Students

Honorlock builds student confidence and reduce test anxiety with exam proctoring that creates a fair testing environment for all, allowing students to test on their schedule and get access to helpful human support resources 24/7/365.

For Instructors

Honorlock builds instructor confidence by protecting online exams with easy-to-use online proctoring services that support students.

For Institutions

Honorlock builds institutional confidence with simple, secure, and scalable online proctoring services to protect reputation, ensure data privacy, and help them illustrate their value to students.