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Creative Organizational Innovation


During this time of rapid technological change and disruption, individuals and organizations can use the power of innovation to overcome significant challenges. Learn how tools like spiral thinking can allow you to articulate your dreams and ideas, helping you move closer to achieving your goals.

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Forward thinking and creative problem solving are valuable abilities in today's ever-changing professional landscape. Many of the most successful leaders and enterprises have flourished because of their willingness to embrace change and innovation. Obstacles are inevitable, but with the right kind of strategic planning and organizational creativity, it becomes much easier to transform ambitious ideas into definitive results.

This online digital badge program provides a series of innovation training courses that teach you how to envision, execute, and promote a more creative organizational ecology. Start building your skill set as you learn how to:

  • Be more imaginative, strategic, and purposeful in your own thinking.
  • Collaborate and develop ideas that create pathways toward progress.
  • Use modern tools and processes to create innovative products and services.
  • Cultivate and promote leadership styles that foster innovation.
  • Build a thriving organizational culture driven by creative approaches to solving problems.

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Learn to promote creativity and innovation across organizational levels

The 21st century has seen rapid changes in technology, business practices, and organizational operations, as well as a rise in opportunities for professionals at every level who can adapt quickly to meet emerging challenges. The last decade hasn't been easy for many organizations, large and small. During volatile times, it's natural to 'circle the wagons' until the danger has passed. Yet purposeful creativity and organizational innovation can sometimes be the only way to envision and execute a bright future.

The organizational innovation training in this badge program provides thought-provoking concepts, inventive thinking models, and practical tools to help you, and others in your organization, strive to implement new ideas and projects. Learn about organizational readiness, creative trends, and progressive strategies for shaping the future.

What are digital badges and how do they work?

Digital badges are visual representations of new knowledge you have gained. You earn badges each time you successfully complete one of CSU’s online digital badge courses. Take only the courses you want to take, and build your own unique set of credentials.

Courses in this program are self-paced. Study on your own schedule, and customize your learning experience to match your individual goals. Take all courses to earn your Mastery Badge, or take only the courses you're most interested in.

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