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SOWK 552 - Conflict Management: Health and Elder Care

  • 3 credits
  • Online

Health and eldercare mediation is an emerging specialty in the field of mediation and conflict resolution. Building on theory and skills introduced in SOWK 551 (CORE Mediation). This on-line or face-to-face course begins with an overview of mediation practice and dispute resolution in the healthcare and eldercare fields, ways in which the healthcare system generates conflict, and the emerging models of healthcare mediation.

This course provides the essential theory, knowledge, skills, and values for mediators who wish to practice in settings that involve resolving a wide variety of conflicts early and directly while preserving professional relationships in healthcare settings. Students will identify the most common healthcare disputes, steps of the facilitative mediation process and how it applies to healthcare and eldercare settings, the emerging field of bioethics mediation, and essential communication skills for conflict resolution.

The course covers analysis of a conflict and special issues such as end of life issues, medical errors and use of apology, and cultural issues in healthcare conflict. The course discusses interdisciplinary collaboration with physicians, nurses, administrators, attorneys and others involved in healthcare disputes. Ethical dilemmas and standards of practice in healthcare and eldercare mediation are highlighted.

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SOWK 551 (Fundamentals of Mediation)

Important Information

Students will need a Webcam with a microphone and speakers installed and properly working before class begins.