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E 311C - Intermediate Creative Writing: Nonfiction

  • 3 credits

This course is an exploration of three distinct styles of creative nonfiction through literary models, theory, and student writing, with an emphasis on developing personal style. Each module provides students with an opportunity to engage with a different aspect of creative nonfiction, discuss the readings with classmates, and practice the topic on their own with motivating prompts.


CO 150 (College Composition) or Honors Seminar; E 210 (Beginning Creative Writing); with a minimum grade of B or JTC 210 (Newswriting)

Important Information

If you don’t meet the prerequisites and want to take this course, please contact the instructor.


Dana Chellman
Dana Chellman

Ms. Chellman earned her Master's degree in Creative Nonfiction from CSU in 2017. One of her thesis essays received the Association of Writer's and Writing Program's Intro Journal Award and can be found in Iron Horse Literary Review. She now lives in Walden, CO, where she teaches at the local high school and raises chickens.