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SPCM 349 - Freedom of Speech

  • 3 credits

Historical and philosophical precedents to freedom of speech; development of free speech principles in the U.S.; ethical obligations of speakers.


CO 150 (College Composition (GT-CO2)) or SPCM 100 (Communication and Popular Culture (GT-AH1)) or SPCM 130 (Relational and Organizational Communication (GT-SS3)) or SPCM 200 (Public Speaking) or SPCM 201 (History and Theory of Rhetoric (GT-AH3)); and sophomore standing.

Textbooks and Materials

Section 801


  • Freedom of Speech in the United States, 8th Ed. (2017)
    Tedford, Thomas L. and Herbeck, Dale A.
    ISBN: 978-1891136399

Textbooks and materials can be purchased at the CSU Bookstore unless otherwise indicated.


Beth Meyers-Bass
Beth Meyers-Bass

Elizabeth Meyers-Bass obtained her Master in Communication Studies here at Colorado State University, as well as a master’s certificate in women’s studies. Her passion is teaching. All of the real world experience she has obtained she makes a point of incorporating into the classroom so students are better equipped once they leave the university. She has lived in Fort Collins for the past twelve years, where she met her husband. Together, with their children, they love the outdoors. In particular, they enjoy boating, fly fishing, camping, swimming, rock climbing, and cycling. Beth looks forward to seeing you in future classes!