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SOWK 660 - Nonprofit Program Development

  • 3 credits
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SOWK 660 - Nonprofit Program Development is a new online course within the School of Social Work at Colorado State University, and it is ideal for professionals and graduate-level students who are interested in nonprofit agency planning, program development, and effective organizational management. If you desire to serve in a leadership capacity within the nonprofit sector, this course provides knowledge and skills training to help you succeed. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge in principles of planning, development, capacity building, and necessary elements for designing and implementing strategic programs with high-functioning teams
  • Develop skills necessary to assume leadership, management, and program development positions in the nonprofit sector
  • Analyze and apply knowledge of the principles and elements of ethical decision-making to real-world dilemmas within nonprofit organizations
  • Evaluate effectiveness of organizational programs, interventions and actions based on human service values and ethics
  • Demonstrate critical thinking in leadership roles regarding external collaboration, community accountability, and team development skills with respect for diversity and strengths of groups and communities engaged
  • Apply knowledge of components of program development through creation of a program development proposal, including executive summary, budget, and evaluation plan
  • Illustrate knowledge in strategic program planning and management, community organizing, staffing and boards, and evaluation and implementation strategies in varied organizational structures and cultures

Textbooks and Materials

For textbook information please contact Evan Lowe.