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PPA 552 - Public Budgeting and Finance

  • 3 credits

Overview of public budgeting concepts, tools, and techniques. Focus is placed on understanding and analyzing public budget proposals and modern techniques for public budgeting processes.

In Spring 2024, this course will focus on understanding, interpreting and utilizing financial and budget information, data and plans to conduct financial analyses and to make managerial decisions in the public and nonprofit sectors in an effort to secure the fiscal health of these organizations. Utilizing Excel, students will complete budgetary and financial exercises to aid in their understanding of financial management.
Credit not allowed for both POLS 552B and PPA 552.


Restrictions: Graduate (GR)

Important Information

Credit not allowed for both POLS 552B and PPA 552.


Victoria Gordon
Victoria Gordon

Victoria Gordon is a 2004 graduate of the University of Illinois—Springfield Doctor of Public Administration program. Dr. Gordon is a recently retired professor where she taught for sixteen years in the Department of Political Science, Master of Public Administration program, and served as the Director of the Center for Local Governments at Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Dr. Gordon has a decade of practical experience in local government administration and her areas of research interest include municipal finance and human resources management. Her work is published in Economic Development Quarterly, Review of Public Personnel Administration, Public Personnel Management, International Journal of Public Administration, Journal of Public Affairs Education and Public Voices. Dr. Gordon is the author of two books–Maternity Leave: Policy and Practice and Participatory Budgeting in the United States: A Guide for Local Governments.