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NSCI 695 - Independent Study for the MNSE

  • 3 credits
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Independent study immerses you in the primary scientific literature in biology, chemistry, or physics, and allows you to further tailor the degree toward your preferred science discipline. This study can be completed during any semester throughout the degree, and involves weekly meetings (in-person or at a distance) with your research advisor. It does not require access to CSU or another research institution.

Written consent of instructor required.

This course is not delivered by distance media; it is driven by an agreement between the instructor and the student. Typical examples are thesis, research, internship, and other courses where the objectives and activities are determined jointly by the instructor and the student. In most cases, the agreement on course activities and objectives is reached with the student and advisor or instructor before enrollment in the course. During the course, the instructor and student communicate by any convenient means, usually phone and email.

This course has an online component delivered through Canvas.


NSCI 698 (Research Experience in Natural Sciences); Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels: Graduate (GR) OR Professional (PR)


Donald L. Mykles

9704917616 |

Dr. Donald L. Mykles is a Professor of Biology, Director of the Masters of Natural Sciences Education Program, and former Director of the University Honors Program. He earned his Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of California, Berkeley. After postdoctoral research in biochemistry at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he joined the faculty at Colorado State University in 1985. He teaches courses in cell biology and developmental genetics. Trained as an invertebrate physiologist, his research concerns the endocrine control of growth, limb regeneration, and skeletal muscle atrophy in crustaceans.