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NR 221 - Integrated Natural Resource Ecology and Measurements

  • 5 credits
  • Online

NR 221 is an online course focused on the natural resource ecology and management of the Rocky Mountains. The course integrates knowledge across natural resource disciplines (e.g., Human Dimensions, Fish and Wildlife, Forestry, Range, Watershed).

Course Goals:
1. Provide the knowledge and skills to identify and understand the key ecological and socio-cultural patterns and processes that shape the Rocky Mountain ecosystem.
2. Challenge students to develop an integrated view across communities and disciplines to solve contemporary, complex environmental problems.
3. Instill confidence, professionalism, and esprit de corps needed to lead, and work in, teams by fostering an appreciation and understanding of the different disciplines embodied by natural resource management.
4. Furnish the knowledge and experience necessary to apply the appropriate sampling, data collection, and analytical techniques.


BZ 110 and BZ 111 or BZ 120 or LIFE 103; MATH 118 or one course from MATH 141 to 161, or one course from MATH 229 or higher.