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LB 492 - Liberal Arts Capstone Seminar

  • 3 credits

The Liberal Arts Capstone Seminar course is a special topics course that is designed as an exit seminar for Liberal Arts majors.

The capstone element to this course is understood as an opportunity for students to demonstrate core competencies (writing, speaking, critiquing, researching, analyzing, etc.). This course focuses on a theme-based topic easily explored by a number of texts related to the Liberal Arts. In the past, topics such as postmodernism and contemporary American film, nonfiction narrative and personal memory, and the collapse and revival of American Community have been explored.

Students taking this course are asked to read, analyze and discuss a diverse body of works (texts, film and visual art) relating to the special topic assigned by the instructor. Evaluation focuses on the writing, researching and presentation of students' understanding of the topic being explored in the course.


LB 392; LB 490 or concurrent registration.

Important Information

Course texts are subject to change. Please contact the professor (via email) before purchasing texts--or wait until the first day of class.