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HIST 100 - Western Civilization, Pre-Modern (GT-HI1)

  • 3 credits

This course will survey some of the major topics, issues, and problems that have shaped the history of Western Civilization from the Ancient World to the seventeenth century. Particularly, we will begin by exploring the influence the Near East had upon Western Society. Then the early political and cultural systems of the Ancient Greeks and Romans will be examined to understand their impact on society today. The Middle Ages will be assessed to reveal the developments in thought, religion, society and technology throughout Europe’s early stages. Finally, the course will survey the major state powers that were established in Europe and their discovery and impact on the New World in the 1500s.

This course meets the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) requirements for Historical Perspectives (Category 3D) and is approved under gtPathways in the content area of History (GT-HI1).


Kristin Heineman

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Dr. Heineman teaches a variety of courses in Ancient Greek and Roman history at CSU. Her research interests include religion, women and warfare in the ancient world.