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CIVE 607 - Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • 3 credits

This first course will focus on providing an in-depth introduction to numerical methods used in computational solutions of fluid mechanics, hydraulic and wind engineering problems. Course topics include: Introduction to turbulence models and to basic concepts of numerical simulation and computer modeling of turbulent flows in the environment. Applications of numerical models in hydraulics, environmental fluid mechanics and wind engineering will be explored. Use of commercial codes such as Fluent and FLOW3D etc. for river, estuarine and wind engineering problems will be discussed.

Course Objectives: The thrust of this CFD course is to enable students to apply numerical techniques and analysis to solve fluid dynamics problems of interest in hydraulics and wind engineering. Successful students will be able to:
1. Describe the importance of each term in the governing fluid flow and transport
2. Demonstrate a basic understanding of turbulence modeling for hydraulic,
environmental and wind engineering flows.
3. Develop the discretized forms of the governing equations using the finitedifference
and finite-volume approaches.
4. Carry out numerical stability and error analysis of different numerical schemes
used in CFD.
5. Design algorithms for solving some basic partial differential equations (PDEs).
6. Write basic computer code to solve simplified forms of the governing equations.
7. Critically review CFD methods proposed in literature.
8. Identify and use suitable commercial CFD codes to solve practical problems of


CIVE 300 (Fluid Mechanics) or Must be enrolled in one of the following Levels: Graduate (GR) OR Professional (PR)

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