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CIS 496B - Group Study: Small Business Information Systems - COBOL

  • 1 - 18 credits
  • Fort Collins

Course topic: COBOL enterprise programming, including generation and use of sequential and indexed files.

Why COBOL should be on your resume:
• COBOL supports 90 percent of Fortune 500 business systems every day with approximately 250-350 BLOC (Billion Lines of Code)
• 70 percent of all critical business logic and data is written in COBOL
• COBOL powers 85 percent of all daily business transactions processed
• $2 trillion worth of mainframe applications in corporations are written in COBOL
• 1.5 million new lines of COBOL code are written every day
• 5 billion lines of new COBOL code are developed every year
• The total investment in COBOL technologies, staff and hardware is estimated at $5 trillion
• An estimated 2 million people are currently working in COBOL
Who may take CIS 496B:
• Undergraduate CIS/CS majors with programming experience – check with your advisor to find out how the course can be used toward your degree.
• Graduate MCIS students – check with your advisor to confirm whether you may use the class as an elective toward your degree.
All students will need to sign up for 3 credits. (After you sign up for the course, go to the Schedule and Options tab. Click on the credit amount and manually type in “3”, then hit “submit”.)
Each student successfully completing this course will receive a signed letter of achievement from the instructor.

This course can be applied toward: