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BUS 690A - Contemporary Issues in Business: REALIA Green Business Simulation

  • 1 credit
  • Fort Collins , Online

The new business logic for sustainability indicates that environmental and social problems are quickly becoming a major source of opportunities and revenue growth. Those who approach sustainability strategically will thus be better prepared to manage an unpredictable business environment that includes changing customer demographics, diminished availability of resources, pressures from investors, insurers and competitors, and uncertain regulatory conditions. A “beyond greening” strategy will enable companies to move past incremental cost and risk reduction and into innovation and new avenues for growth.

The Green Business Lab is an innovative strategy game that replicates the challenges that occur when a company embarks on a “beyond greening” journey. Using real life situations, participants explore, test, practice and take action on not just incremental greening strategies, but also clean technology and base of the pyramid business strategies designed to drive lasting value for the company.

During the lab/simulation, all major functional roles are represented. These teams define their own strategy under life-like conditions including time pressures, budget constraints, unpredictable stakeholder interventions, changing market conditions and limited information. Performance is scored and benchmarked against proven sustainability strategies. The goal is to shorten the feedback loop and provide reliable results in a ‘safe’ environment.

The Green Business Lab teaches participants:

• How to use sustainability as a factor in strategic thinking and as a lens for innovation.
• How to work effectively in a cross-functional environment.
• The critical importance of stakeholder engagement.
• How to jointly optimize financial, social, and environmental outcomes.

There is one hour of pre-course prep work the week prior to the course. Students should contact Dr. Asad Aziz at after registration to schedule this work.

This course can be applied towards:


Admission to a College of Business graduate program.

Important Information

Military, veterans, federal, and state employees must contact the MBA Advisors to receive the tuition reduction code prior to registering. Students must be admitted to the MBA Program to receive this discount. Reduction of tuition will be given only if you provide the appropriate code at the time of enrollment. Call (800) 491-4622 ext. 4 or email for assistance.

Textbooks and Materials

Required course material and textbooks are posted in RamCT MBA Information Exchange approximately six weeks prior to the beginning of classes. For questions regarding access to RamCT contact MBA Support at (800) 491-4522 x 5 or