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Living Mindfully From CSU Extension


Get an introduction to the fundamentals of mindfulness in this online training program. Learn how to increase your awareness, move beyond distractions, and live more in the present.

Mindfulness training online

Mindfulness offers us the ability to pay attention to our everyday moments with curiosity and an open heart and mind. This experiential online program will introduce you to fundamental mindfulness concepts, principles, and practices that can help you cultivate greater awareness, better manage stress, and tap into more joy, gratitude, and compassion. Created by medical anthropologist and certified integrative health coach Sue Schneider, the program combines ancient wisdom with current scientific research to help you incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.

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A path toward self-discovery

Drawing from psychology, neurobiology, and contemplative science, the online Living Mindfully program offers perspective on how to skillfully work with the difficulties and stressors in your life. The curriculum guides a process for creating mindful habits, stress resilience, and more authentic relationships. These behaviors can help you in your personal life and workplace, and they can support healthy communities.

Each online mindfulness course is part of a series designed to be taken sequentially. Taking all courses in order will provide the most continuity. However, any number of courses can be taken individually. In addition to providing video lectures, reading assignments, and activity resources, this online mindfulness training helps build a commitment to daily mindfulness practice. You will learn at least one new practice during every module. To get the most out of the program (when taken as a series), you should be willing to invest at least ten minutes a day to the practice of mindfulness techniques.

Throughout this program, you will learn a range of skills, including:

  • How to increase awareness of your own habits and behaviors.
  • Techniques for observing thoughts, emotions, and sensations.
  • Tips for managing stress more effectively in a variety of situations.
  • How to practice self-compassion and compassion for others.

Whether you are new to mindfulness or you want to deepen your understanding, this program offers tools, support, and encouragement that can help you live a more mindful life.

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