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Crucial Business Management Skills for the 21st Century

Program Overview

Business management courses online

Take management training courses online

Are you looking to hone your professional skills to advance in your career? No matter where you are on your career path, it is important to learn techniques for managing yourself, your work, and other people. The online Crucial Business Management Skills for the 21st Century badge program teaches concepts to help you move toward a higher level of professional and personal development.

Learn valuable 21st century job skills

This program offers management and business skills training to improve your brand, your influence, and your resilience in the modern workplace. Courses range in topics from personal management to team management, and challenge you to take what you learn into your daily work environment.

Learn practical skills to:

  • Manage how others perceive your strengths and abilities — your "personal brand."
  • Be more influential in your organization’s strategies and operations.
  • Handle stress and increase resilience as a manager.
  • Build, manage, and sustain high-performing teams.
  • Infuse innovation and creativity into your work and leadership style.

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Upon completion of these management training courses, you will come away with tools to:

  • Manage organizational power dynamics.
  • Create a strategic plan tailored to your individual, team, and organizational needs.
  • Develop and sustain teamwork in a variety of cross-functional situations.
  • Be more effective, efficient, and innovative in your job.

Customize your curriculum and schedule

This flexible online management skills training program offers you a variety of options to learn what you want, when you want. Choose the courses that best apply to your needs and interests, and complete them at your own pace. This gives you the ability to quickly learn skills and apply them immediately to your work, and the ability to fit training into your already busy life.

What are digital badges and how do they work?

Digital badges are visual representations of new knowledge you have gained. You earn badges each time you successfully complete one of CSU’s online digital badge courses. Take only the courses you want to take, and build your own unique set of credentials.

Learn more about digital badges and how they work.