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To register for a course, you must first Create an Account with CSU Online or Sign In to an existing account. Next steps will depend on whether you are enrolling in a credit course or a noncredit course.

How to Create a New Account

A screenshot of My AccountTo register for credit and noncredit courses online through the Colorado State University Online website, you will need to create an account. Through your account, you can also pay for noncredit courses, update your personal information and addresses, view your pending credit course registrations, view all noncredit course registrations, and set your CSU Online communication preferences.

Create a New Account

To create an account:

  • Go to My Account
  • Click "Create New Account"
  • Complete the form and click "Create New Account" at the bottom of the form.

Signing In/Out and Passwords

Already have an online account with Colorado State University Online?

Sign In

You can sign in at anytime by going to the account sign in page and entering your account email and password.

Sign Out

Sign out of your account by clicking the "Sign Out" link located in the header of each webpage.

Retrieve Your Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. Go to the Forgotten Password page, enter your account email address, and click "Reset." You will be emailed a new password to use when accessing your account.

Managing Your Information

Email and Password

You can change your email address or password at anytime in the "Personal Information" tab of My Account. Only one email address is allowed per person.

Note: You can opt in to receive email updates under the "Email Preferences" tab. If you'd no longer like to receive email updates, you can unsubscribe here.

Personal Information

Your information and mailing address can be updated at any time. Update your mailing address under the "Address" tab.

Account Balance

Your account balance is available under the "Registration History" tab in My Account. The balance applies to only noncredit course transactions.

Registration History

You can view your complete noncredit registration history with CSU Online under the "Registration History" tab.

Only pending credit registrations (those that still need to be processed by Enrollment Services) are shown here. Use RAMweb to view your current credit class schedule.

Completed Certificates

View a complete list of certificates earned through CSU Online under the "Registration History" tab.

Accessing Online Credit Courses in Canvas

All students need an Electronic Identity (NetID) to access courses in Canvas. New students should create their NetID as soon as possible after registration to reduce delays in accessing online courses.

Logging in to Canvas

  • Have you created your Electronic Identity (NetID) yet? If not, visit the NetID website.
  • Go to CSU Canvas and select "NetID Login."
  • Enter your NetID login information (eName and ePassword) and click "Log in."
  • You can display a list of the courses you are enrolled in by hovering your mouse over "Courses." If one of your courses is not listed and the course has already begun, contact your instructor.

If you've forgotten your ePassword, use the NetID forgotten password recovery tool to change your password.

Courses are not viewable in Canvas until the Friday before the start of the term. Courses that start later in the term may not be available at the start of the term, but will become available the first day of class. Get better acquainted with Canvas by checking out Canvas student resources.

Common Problems

I don't see my course.

Your online credit course becomes available in Canvas the Friday before the start of the term, so you will not see it in your course list until then. All open entry courses are available immediately, however.

I can't log in, why?

First, verify that your NetID (previously called eID) is working by logging into another CSU service, such as RAMweb.

  • If you can't log in to RAMweb, visit the NetID website for support to get your eID working.
  • If you can log in to RAMweb, contact the Help Desk to make sure your access to Canvas is properly enabled.

Accessing Online Noncredit Courses in Canvas

Once your payment is received and your registration is processed, you'll receive a noncredit Canvas user name and password via email. Credit students registering for noncredit online courses will also receive a noncredit Canvas user name and password— you may not use your NetID to access your online noncredit courses.

Logging in to Canvas

To access your noncredit course in Canvas:

  1. Go to CSU Canvas and select "Noncredit Login."
  2. Enter your noncredit Canvas user name in the "User name" field.
  3. Enter your Noncredit Canvas password in the "Password" field.
  4. Click "Log in" to continue.
  5. A list of the courses you are enrolled in will be displayed. Enter any course by clicking on its title.

Courses are not available in Canvas until the first day of class. Open entry courses are available immediately. Get better acquainted with Canvas by checking out Canvas student resources.

If you have forgotten your Canvas user name, it is listed in your student profile when you log in to your CSU Online account. If you continue to have problems logging in, contact